Step 3 Document Expanded

Document your wishes and preferences in writing to ensure they are carried out.

An Advance Healthcare Directive, also called an Advance Directive, is a simple form that requires you to think through different scenarios.

Don’t rush to check off the boxes and fill in the blanks. It may require some soul-searching and heart-to-heart discussions to explore out what you want and don’t want. You can download the Advance Healthcare Directive by clicking here.

Tips for Documenting Your Wishes

Discuss with your loved ones and Healthcare Agent.

Be sure to let everyone interested in your care know about your wishes and share a copy of the Advance Directive with them. Be ready to listen to concerns and answer questions. If you can identify issues early and have them resolved, they may not resurface in a crisis.

Inform your Healthcare Team

An Advance Directive is your way of giving instructions to your doctor and others on your healthcare team so that they know what you want, even if you are unable to let them know yourself. Be sure to schedule time in a doctor’s visit to talk through your wishes. Use the “How to Talk with Your Doctor” guide.

Obtain Two Witnesses

After you have identified a healthcare agent and have completed the Advance Directive, you must obtain two witnesses to sign your document.

These should be individuals you know and who know you. However, they cannot be healthcare providers, employees of a healthcare facility, or the person you have selected to be your healthcare agent. In addition, one of your witnesses cannot be related to you or have inheritance rights. If you do not have two witnesses, your Advance Directive must be notarized.

Elaborate on Your Wishes

If you would like to elaborate on your wishes, you can attach additional pages to your Advance Directive.

Click here for more details about the requirements for completing an Advance Directive.

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