Employers play an important role in improving the lives of their employees and their families. A worksite wellness program provides an avenue to share about important health issues and make positive changes to enhance their total well-being.

Advance Care Planning is a serious topic and can have a positive impact in the lives of your employees and their family and friends. Completing an Advance Directive is an important part of worksite wellness program.

Knowing that you have provided clear directions about who will speak for you and the type of care you want in the future if you cannot speak for yourself can greatly reduce stress and provide peace of mind. That’s a great value for employees and their families.

Workplace Wellness Program Components

Kōkua Mau’s educational components on Advance Care Planning are designed to easily be integrated into worksite wellness programs.

Our Kit Includes

  • A brochure that can be easily co-branded with your logo, printed and distributed to your employees
  • Handouts that are available that show employees how to make progress in the Advance Care Planning process, one step at a time
  • There are a total of four handouts, one for each step: Decide, Determine, Document and Discuss
  • Each handout lists assignments that are important steps that can be accomplished from free resources accessible from the Kōkua Mau website
  • Posters that can be posted on bulletin boards in your lunch room and other visible locations within your organization help to reinforce the value of Advance Care Planning
  • We also make available a video explaining the Advance Care Planning process, produced by AARP’s national office
  • Videos that offer first-hand experiences from Hawai‘i employees who have experienced the value of Advance Care Planning or wished they had known about Advance Care Planning to avoid some of the challenges they experienced
  • Surveys to help you monitor staff progress.

For more information about incorporating Advance Care Planning in your organization’s worksite wellness program, contact Kōkua Mau today.

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