Step 2 Determine – Expanded

Determine the type of medical support you would like if you had an incurable, irreversible health condition and you can no longer speak for yourself.

An Advance Healthcare Directive, or Advance Directive for short, is a way for you to be heard by those caring for you.

Advances in medical technology continue to push the limits of what healthcare providers can do to sustain life. There are more options for patients, so you must establish what is important to you. You may wish to stop medical treatment or you may choose care to prolong your life as long as possible.

To start the process, we suggest completing The Starter Kit from the Conversation Project. This is a free guide to getting you thinking about how you like to make decisions, who is important to you and what you would like them to know.

As you work through the Starter Kit and prepare to complete an Advance Directive, you may have questions around commonly mentioned procedures.

Life-Sustaining treatment options that are mentioned in an Advance Directive.

Being asked to make a decision about cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can be complicated. Few of us have ever seen CPR performed. Our understanding of CPR may come from what we see on TV, where it looks easy and seems to be very successful without any complications.

Artificial nutrition and hydration: When you cannot eat or drink on your own, having fluid or nutrients delivered through an IV or a tube through your nose or stomach, either on short- or long-term basis. You have the option of deciding if you want this on your Advance Directive.

Comfort care

When curative treatment is no longer likely to help, you can use medications or non-invasive options that focus solely on your comfort. Palliative or hospice care can make sure you enjoy the best quality of life.

Additional document and in depth information

On the Kokua Mau website you find a great wealth of information and in depth explanations of terms and services offered in Hawaii, that go beyond the scope of this Wellness website. By clicking on the links below you will be redirected to the Kōkua Mau website in a new tab. Please use your browser back buttons to return to this page.

Download the booklet “Advance Care Planning:  Making Life Decisions”, an excellent Kōkua Mau resource with descriptions of various procedures and types of care to help you understand decisions you may need to make. More

CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) –Read “Questions about CPR

Artificial nutrition and hydration – Read Tube Feeding

Different types of care including Comfort Care, Palliative Care and Hospice Care.

Visit the Kōkua Mau website to download a writable/fillable PDF of the Advance Directive and access other valuable resources.

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