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There are 4 steps
in the Advance Care Planning process.

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Step #1 Decide in Kokua Mau's Wellness Program
Step #2 Determine in Kokua Mau's Wellness Program
Step #3 Document in Kokua Mau's Wellness Program
Step #4 Discuss in Kokua Mau's Wellness Program

You can complete each step or choose a friend or co-worker to go through the process with so you have support and motivation as part of your worksite wellness program.  Having good conversations and a completed Advance Care Directive is an important step to minimizing stress – for you and your family.

In the workplace, we all know how important it is to plan ahead. It’s important to also plan ahead in your personal life.

Advance Care Planning is your way of sharing your values and preferences for the kind of care you want if you can no longer speak for yourself.

It covers the things that are important to you and allows you to designate who will be speaking for you to honor those wishes.

Although modern medicine helps many people lead longer and healthier lives, it has limits. Many of us may fear that medical technology could help us to live longer but leave us dependent on others, in pain, and unable to think or make decisions for ourselves. It’s important to understand the value and limitations of these options, and then decide on your preferences.

Get started with Advance Care Planning with a co-worker. You’ll learn together and help each other reach the goal of completing an Advance Care Directive that you can feel good about to alleviate stress in the future. And that puts you on the path to greater wellness!