Step 4 Discuss and Share – Expanded

Discuss and Share your Advance Care Planning decisions so that others will know your preferences. 

Once you have completed your Advance Directive, be sure to share it with your healthcare agent, your doctor, your family members, and your loved ones. This helps ensure your wishes will be honored

Sharing Your Advance Directive

Share your Advance Directive with anyone who potentially has an interest in your care, even with those whom you may not currently have regular contact with right now.

When everyone understands your preferences, this can help avoid future conflicts. Share it with your family, doctor and other healthcare providers. An Advance Directive tucked away in a safe deposit box in the bank or in a file in your attorney’s office won’t be effective if others do not know your wishes in advance.

You can share your Advance Healthcare Directive at any time. You don’t have to wait until on your way to the emergency room, admitted to the hospital, or when you have a new diagnosis. Share it when you’re not facing a crisis so that your family and friends can take the time to understand your wishes and clarify what you may be thinking.

In Hawaii, you can indicate that you have completed an Advance Directive on your driver’s license. This will be another way your family, friends, and healthcare providers will know that you have made an Advance Directive.

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