What is Advance Care Planning?

Advance Care Planning is your way of sharing your values and preferences for the kind of care you want if you can no longer speak for yourself.

It covers the things that are important to you.

Life can be full of twists and turns. You may be involved in an accident that leaves you incapacitated. Or you may be diagnosed a with disease and reach a point where treatment is no longer working. This can happen to anyone, at any age, at any time.

Advance Care Planning helps prepare you and your loved ones. You can make it clear who will speak for you if you cannot speak for yourself and what you want — and don’t want — so that your loved ones won’t have to guess what you want during a time that may already be very stressful.

Advance Care Planning lets others know what you want

Advance Care Planning is a roadmap that you create to provide clearer direction for your future care.

Although modern medicine helps many people lead longer and healthier lives, it has limits. Many of us may fear that medical technology could help us to live longer but leave us dependent on others, in pain, and unable to think or make decisions for ourselves. It’s important to understand the value and limitations of these options, and then decide on your preferences.

There are 4 steps
in the Advance Care Planning process.

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